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Mary River Information


  Mary River System
 Darwin during the wet season

About the Mary River System

Accessible throughout the year, this diverse river system is located just 60 minutes from Darwin by car. Travellers to this area can find a large abundance of flora and fauna with the occasional local salt water crocodile never too far away.

The Mary River area is made up of two major regions; The Mary River National Park located on the Arnhemland Highway between Kakadu and Kakadu National Park, as well as Adelaide River. The area was discovered by John McDouall Stuart who first set eyes on the area during the late 1800s. It was here that he signed his name on a tree at the mouth of the Mary River, which today marks a memorial.

Mary River is most commonly known for its large populations of saltwater crocodiles and birdlife. The area is also a popular fishing destination, and offers some of the best barramundi fishing in the Northern Territory.
The rich wetland environment is home to a variety of flora and fauna, including a multitude of migratory birds. The annual Bird Week attracts bird watchers from all over the world. Examples of species that can be observed include magpie geese, brolgas, white-bellied sea eagles, rufous owls and more. Accommodation options in the area range from air-conditioned cabins to caravan parks and campsites.

The Marry River system is part of a network of northern coastal wetlands that connect to eight major rivers in the topend of the Northern Territory. This river network is a rare and ecologically fragile, and has been recently proclaimed a National Park. The Limilngan Wulna 'freshwater' Aboriginal people have made the Mary River region their home for thousands of years, and continue to live, hunt and practise their traditional culture here today.

Here travellers can find tones of options for Accommodation. Air-conditioned cabins, Caravan Parks and campsites are widely available. For those looking for something more luxurious, there are hotels and resorts such as Corroboree Park Travel, Bar Hut Tourism Centre and the Wilderness Lodge.